Following are social web tools I use to share percussion related media across the web.

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Microblog platform Twitter permits the sharing of short updates to a broad market distribution. Often used for sharing links and real-time updates on current events.
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Yahoo!'s flickr permits photo sharing and tagging in a social environment. Collections are best viewed by selecting the "slideshow" view in the upper-right of the page.
Rhythmatism's collection of world drum museums
Rhythmatism's personal drum collection
Rhythmatism's drum performance collection

Google's Youtube permits the creation of short videos for web and mobile viewing.
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Our friends on the other side of the pond (shout out to UK from the colonies!) have brought us a way of sharing audio snippets which they call "boos". Here's where I share my sound clips.
Rhythmatism's Boos

Yahoo! Search
Yahoo! Search permits vertical searching of specific websites. Looking for a drum on the rhythmuseum? Search for text mentions of any folk percussion drum here.

Collecta searches across blogs and social networks for the latest entries on the word "percussion". Home